Mediawijs, the Flemish Knowledge Centre for Media Literacy, started in January 2013 on initiative of the Flemish Government and is part of imec, a research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. Mediawijs wants to make all citizens today and tomorrow able to consciously, critically and actively move themselves in a mediatized society. It plays a coordinating and inspiring role within the media literacy field.

The aim of is to strengthen the media literacy initiatives, by bringing together partners in the working field, the private and public sector in consultation and collaboration courses. It plays an active role in vision and policy development with and for the sector. Through knowledge and practice development, it contributes to innovation on the level of content, project phrasing and –operations. strives towards this aim by:
– Consultation and coordination
– Innovation and synergy
– Practice and methods
– Knowledge development and –sharing
– Vision and policy development