Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

The project foresees 2 Transnational, Teaching and Training Activities. The experiences and expertise of the partners as well as the representatives of the teaching institutions, contributed to an enhanced quality in the elaboration of didactical plans for the teacher trainings and the development of evaluation strategies.

One central objective of the project is to train educators working in the field of adult education, enhance their media and digital literacy competencies and to realize a MOOC, with the aim to develop training modules that are useful and usable for teachers and teacher training institutions at European Level.

As the partnership is constituted of diverse Media Education and Adult Education institutions working with adult migrants of varied groups on various topics, the transnational learning and teaching activities enable a high qualitative training and activities development, providing staff/teachers/educators of the project with innovative methodologies in using media and ICT for literacy teaching, as well as Media Literacy and Digital Literacy skills. The teaching staff trained at international level will support national project development working in each country of the partners.

1st LTTA

The first Transnational Learning, Teaching and Training activity has been organized in the headquarters of the Alberto Manzi’s Archive and Centre in Bologna, from 9th to 13th of April 2018. Partners exchanged expertise and presented methodologies and best practices in the use of ICT and media education for literacy teaching to migrant adults in their respective countries.

2nd LTTA

The second Transnational Learning, Teaching and Training Activity has been organized, at the Faculty of Humanities and Digital Sciences, Tilburg University, from 19th to 22nd of November. The TSH hosts five Centres of Excellence and offers a setting for a unique humanities research profile that shows that his mission of Understanding Society is inevitably connected with Understanding Communication and Culture. Aim of the 2nd LTTA was to further develop the objective of the project of enhancing teachers and educators media skills competences, prepare the experimentation taking into account suggestions and feedback received from the participants (teachers and educators) and to lay a first foundation for defining the MOOC.