MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)

The Migrant Liter@cies MOOC is a course aimed at educators working with adult migrants, as well as at institutions able to implement training activities for teachers and teaching staff: Universities, Centers of Research and Training, Adult Education Centers, Networks of Associations working with Migrants, national and European organizations.

Objective is to develop media and digital literacy competences of educators, while addressing the needs and challenges of their learners – adult migrants with low literacy levels. The European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu) was taken as the basis reference for the development of the MOOC modules and definition of competences, in combination with the European Qualification Framework (EQF) for the identification and definition of learning objectives and outcomes for each module

The Course

The Media Liter@cies is made of 9 modules, each containing 3 videos in the national languages of the partners with English subtitles, activities and background information (in English) for a total of 8 hrs study each.  After 1 Introductory session (M0) on the project and the MOOC itself, there are 9 thematic sessions each hosted by one partner of the project: M1 How to get your colleagues involved? (Mediawjis, Belgium ); M2 Why using ICT in language learning (Fo.Co. Network, Italy); M3 Data Privacy and App Usage/ e-Residency (Tartu Folk High School, Estonia); M4 ICT in the didactic planning of Language Learning (Fo.Co. Network, Italy); M5 Potentials of Mobile Media (JFF, Germany);M6 Language Proficiency and Competency Assessment (Tilburg University, Netherlands); M7 Using Digital Technologies to empower learners and enhance inclusion (SSF, Spain); M8 Creative use of digital technologies for the production of content and inclusion (Centro Zaffiria, Italy); M9 Information & Media Literacy (POLIS, Poland).

Calendar and duration

The MOOC goes from the 15th of January until 17th of March 2020. Each module will have the duration of one week, starting every Wednesday and ending Tuesdays with a streaming session scheduled for 14:00h (CET). During the week participants can use the forum for feedback, questions and to interact with the tutors, which will be also available for the streaming session at the end of each module.

Time investment

  • Each module contains three videos (+/- 45min)
  • Each module requires 8 hours of deployment, but there are no tasks that must be completed within the week. It is therefore possible to complete activities at a later time.
  • The live Q&A session lasts one hour.

How to participate

Participation is free and you can register following this link: