Multiplier Events

The project will be closed with a big dissemination that will be mainly held in virtual mode in form of webinars due the COVID – 19 emergency with:

One common appointment in English on the 25th of June 2020 at 17:45 (CET)

Jonghwi Park
Programme Specialist at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning. She has led various projects on equitable and inclusive digital technologies for learning within and beyond schooling for underserved populations. Her projects include a regional framework for assessing digital citizenship skills among children (Digital Kids Asia Pacific), ICT competency standards development for teachers and integration of ICT and innovation into national education sector plans. Currently, she is conducting a global landscape study on innovative and responsible learning technologies to support refugees, migrants and internally displaced persons. She holds a MA on Educational Technology (spec. Distance Education) from Hanyang University, South Korea and a PhD on Learning Sciences from McGill University, Canada. 

Annapurna Ayyappan
Assistant Programme Specialist at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning. She has experience working on several educational projects in the nonprofit sector as teacher and teacher trainer in India. Her past projects also include using image processing to support special education, developing a mobile application for supporting early childhood education in India, and understanding the role of language in shaping refugee experiences.  At present, she is coordinating UNESCO’ database on Effective Literacy and Numeracy practices, that features over 200 promising youth and adult literacy programmes from across 97 countries. She holds a MA in Education with focus on Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University, USA and a Bachelor of Technology in  Information and Telecommunication Engineering from SRM University, India.

Watch the webinar recording:

You can also read or download Jonghwi Park’s and Annapurna Ayyappan’s presentations.

Webinars in the national languages organized by the partners of the project:

Attraversare la linea del colore.

Alessandra Falconi (Centro Zaffiria) talk with Italian writer, journalist, and activist of Somali origin Igiaba Scego, about languages and the words that life needs.

You can watch the webinar recording from here.
Please note it was discussed in Italian.

Parole per capirsi. Alfabetizzazione necessarie.

Con Federico Faloppa, docente all’Università di Reading e saggista intervistato da Alessandra Falconi, Centro Zaffiria.

You can watch the webinar recording from here.
Please note it was discussed in Italian.

24th of June 2020, 13:30 (CET),
Webinar e-Inclusie: corona en anderstaligen

You can watch the webinar recording from here.
This webinar was organized by Mediawijs, and discussed in Dutch.

29th of June 2020, 19:00 (CET)
How to teach in the multicultural group?
How to create conditions for learning and integration?

Additional informations can be found here:
This webinar is by Polis, and will be discussed in Polish.

Thursday 2nd of July, 16:00 (CET)
and Thursday 9th of July, 10:00 (CET)
Introduction to methods from the EU project Migrant Liter@cies

Literacy teaching with digital media – but how? The use of digital media in language teaching has increased enormously in recent years. There are many possible applications in how media can support learning, especially in the language training of migrants. Within the framework of the three-year EU project Migrant Liter@cies, numerous methods of language acquisition with media were tested and compiled into international toolkits, which are now being made available for educational work. 
Learn more (in German).
This webinars are by JFF, and will be discussed in German.

Thursday 2nd of July, 11:00, Madrid
Social ad Cultural Integration during the Pandemic